May Unfolds Her Green in Osterville!

May Unfolds Her Green in Osterville!

In Osterville, when May unfurls her green,
The leaves pop out in splashes bold and keen.
A symphony of colors fills the air,
As tulips stretch and daffodils declare.

The quiet streets begin to pulse and stir,
With winter’s whisper fading to a blur.
From southern shores and distant snowy peaks,
Return the souls whom Osterville now seeks.

The docks start humming, boats in glossy rows,
And markets fill with chatter, scents compose.
A prelude to the summer’s vibrant scene,
May dresses up in hues of pink and green.

Each morning greets the village with new light,
The bay reflects the skies so clear and bright.
The shops deck out their windows with great care,
Inviting all to wander, stop, and stare.

A town reborn with every passing year,
Anticipating laughter, joy, and cheer.
Osterville, in May’s soft arms embraced,
Gears up for seasons gracefully enlaced.

So raise a glass to springtime’s gentle hand,
That paints anew this small, enchanted land.
For here we find a paradise on earth,
In Osterville, where May brings sweet rebirth!

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